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  • Welcome to GlobalTrade Academy And Creative

    GlobalTrade Academy, one of the best Share Market classes in Online is the education provider division of the GlobalTrade Academy Investments. Our only goal is to provide quality education to everyone who is interested in learning about the financial market or the share market.

    At GlobalTrade Academy Investments Share Market Academy we have been working as share market professionals for many years. While in our professions we have realized there is an acute lack of financial awareness in people. With a goal to bridge this gap we started GlobalTrade Academy Investments Share Market Academy. We have educated scores of students with the concepts of how to trade, invest and manage their own money in the stock market. Stock market in itself is a very vast field, but combined with our practice of teaching every concept in an easy to understand manner we have enabled our students to manage their own portfolio and become financially independent. Our greater vision is to become a platform where anyone can learn everything about finance and use the knowledge to create value. At GlobalTrade Academy, we have courses on topics which have education for everyone, including students, employees, professionals, corporate, retired individuals and housewives. We designed our courses in such a way that even a person without any experience in finance, can turn into a professional trader or investor with just some study and practice. We also run special courses for students and job seekers who want to make a career for themselves in finance. Entrepreneurs or businessmen who want to start their own ventures can benefit from our specially designed curriculum. Employees working in any sector, be it IT, pharm, FMCG, etc. who have no exposure to the stock market can use our specially designed curriculum which is very easy to understand. Housewives, who want to contribute in their finances, can use their time to learn about trading and investing and can also start working from home and treat trading as a full time or part time home based business. Thus, stock market is a very good source of income and a great source of wealth creation.